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AquaDoula Birth Tub Rental

The AquaDoula is a portable heated tub designed specifically for labor and waterbirth. The tub is a wonderful tool to use for staying calm and relaxed in the privacy of your own home (or any birth location!). If you choose a waterbirth, being in water may encourage an easier childbirth for mother and a gentler welcome for baby.

Rental cost is a sliding scale of $225-$325 for the 4 week period.** Please pay what you can, considering where you fall on the scale of economic diversity of San Francisco. A $50 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your reservation in the calendar. Full rental payment required at pickup. Pickup usually happens 2 weeks before due date and return of tub 2 weeks after your due date. Client is responsible for pick-up and return of tub to Community Well on 78 Ocean Ave. There is an additional charge for delivery/pick up service.

**Part of your payment helps to support Community Well, a welcoming center in San Francisco's Excelsior District for individuals, couples and growing families of all backgrounds to connect with holistic services supporting early parenthood and overall wellness that contribute to a better quality of life.

Each AquaDoula Tub Rental includes:

● The AquaDoula tub frame (aka the AquaWall)

● Heavy Duty Aqua Liner

● Insul­Cover to place on top of water

● Temperature Controls with GFCI attached

● Submersible Pump to remove the used water

● Inflatable booster cushion for mother to sit on

● One Form­fit Disposable Liner (latex free) makes for easy cleaning

● Detailed instruction booklet provides easy setup (no tools required)


Features of AquaDoula Tub:

● Spacious size: 4'6" diameter and 2' deep comfortably accommodates two adults 

● Soft padded floors and walls

● Built­in, adjustable heating element which keeps water at a comfortable temperature


Is there anything I have to purchase outside of items included in tub rental?

● Brand new “Drinking Water Safe” Hose (50­ foot recommended)

● Extra AquaDoula Tub disposable liner: $25/liner plus tax (1 piece is included)

● Bath Mats and Towels to surround the tub­ not necessary but recommended

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